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The Health Benefits of Apricot Kernel

Cancer is now among the top ten diseases that are deadly and kills most of the world's population. Is insinuated that cancer is caused by a particular bacteria or virus, but with an advanced study from an American biochemist, Dr. Ernst T. Kerbs it's now known that it is caused by nutrient deficiency. It's been over twenty years now of investigation into what can cure or reduce cancer and what cannot. Through research, it's been found that vitamin B17, less stress and plenty of exercise can keep you away from cancer attacks.

The health benefits of Apricot kernel is the inside section of the apricot fruit. The kernel has been used to produce oil and other useful chemicals that are used for me medical purposes. It is rich in vitamin B17. Apricot kernel has been used since 1845 in Russia as a cancer remedy and was introduced to this function in the USA in the 1920s. This is not the only health benefit of apricot kernel. They have been known to be an ingredient in the Chinese medicine in treating respiratory infections, indigestion, arthritis and also high blood pressure.

How does it work? This is a question asked by many because it sounds miraculous. Amygdaline, a glycoside is the toxic chemical found in the kernel. When it is taken into the body, this chemical converts into cyanide; a poisonous substance. Despite the serious health hazards it can cause, it is still consumed. When taken in large amounts, it can cause death. This is because when the amygdaline is ingested, it converts into cyanide in the stomach. Five milligrams of cyanide a day is sufficient to prevent cancer. This is same as eating ten apricot seeds a day. Many take it hoping that the cyanide will only harm the tumor but it does not happen in this manner.

Vitamin B17 is one of the chemical inert, non-toxic and stable molecules and is found in large amount in the apricot fruits. It's better if the apricot fruit is consumed raw. The fruit has to be chewed until it liquefies. If the bitter taste is too much, honey can be added. The apricot kernel also produces oil which is got by pressing the kernels of the apricot tree. This oil, which is quite similar to the peach and almond oil, is applied to prevent skin dehydration for all types of skin. It's also used to soothe burns and boils when it's applied on top of them. With its abundance in vitamin E, it's also used to reduce the scar tissue. The health benefits of apricot kernel are quite a handful. The oil is used in the making of cosmetics mostly skin lotions and creams.